Who is thinking of you right now ?

We all want to always be the focus of other people’s attention, especially if they’re people closest to us and caring for them, who among them thinks about you now?

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This test shows you who thinks about you now and when you know, we advise you to approach him and take care of him, because he’s someone who loves you so much that not everyone can solve him. Share the tests with a duty to ask questions, identify people who know you, and then share the results with your friends for unlimited pleasure.

Are you sneezing for no reason?

This belief has Asian roots and is based on the fact that when someone thinks about you, it will cause your nose to itch and then sneeze repeatedly.

So, if you start sneezing all of a sudden sitting around without getting sick or smelling pepper, it means someone put you in their mind, but is it possible to determine what they’re worried about?

Yes, it can be done by tracking the number of sneezes (if twice), which means that a person has negative thoughts about you, and sneezing more than 3 times means that you have positive thoughts and may fall in love. With you or I miss you.

What about that guy’s identity? In addition, yes, this can be done by asking anyone around you to give you a number of 3 houses (e.g. 537), you have to put these numbers together, i.e. 5 + 3 + 7 = 15, so the first letter of 15 is the first letter of the person’s name.

Fever or bleeding in the cheeks or ears

If you’re not embarrassed or worried or angry… Suddenly, your cheeks or ears will feel burned or numb, which may involve redness, which means someone is thinking about you or talking about you.

How do you know someone’s thinking about you now? You’ll feel the burning and numbness on your cheeks, just like a slap of it, but that’s a slap of words and thoughts, but if he feels the burning and numbness in his ears, it means he thinks about you. A good way, or if you have a feeling of love, also on your cheeks and ears, that’s a sign of a good idea.

Pitiful suffering for no specific reason

Someone has negative thoughts about you, or they say bad or they complain about you, but don’t bother. There’s a way to find answers from this guy!

When you’re close to this person, you’re vulnerable to sniffing, so you can choose to face him or get away from him.

But please wait a minute. Before responding and reaching a conclusion, the causes that could cause Kao must be excluded. These reasons include: Fast eating, eating lots of food, abdominal surgery, neurology, fear, anxiety, digestive diseases, side effects of medication.