Turning computer screen into TV

Turning computer screen into TV

 Running a computer screen on TV using an HDMI cable

All modern televisions contain dedicated outlets that allow them to receive and display images displayed on the computer screen, and once it is confirmed that their television sets contain such outlets, the computer screen can be displayed through them by following the following steps:

  • Find identical outlets on the two devices (the input device and the output device), then work to provide a suitable cable to connect both implementers to each other, and a cable (HDMI) can be used; This is to contain most modern televisions and computers on HDMI outlets, apart from its ability to transmit high-quality signal, and its ability to carry audio and video signals.
  • The computer is connected to the television device using a cable (HDMI), and the computer screen will be shown on the television screen immediately, and if not, the following steps should be followed:
    • Click on Windows Key.
    • Write a screen accuracy check and click on the Enter key.
    • Look for a Display option, click on the arrow heading down the visible on the right side of the box.
    • Select the appropriate output device.
    • Click on Appley, then OK.

Running a computer screen on TV using Chromecast

Chromecast is used to run a computer screen and a mobile device screen on a television screen, and before starting to use it, first the computer and chromecast must be configured on the same Wi-Fi, and the Internet on the Windows operating system can be checked by clicking on the Wi-Fi icon below the right of the screen, or up the right of the screen (Mac.

  • Click on the three-point vertical icon visible in the right upper angle, then select “Cast.”
  • Click on the arrow heading down, then select “Cast disktop.”
  • Select the name of the Chromecast from among the options available on the hardware list, and the computer screen will be shown on the television screen in several seconds.

Play a computer screen on TV using AirPlay

The Mac, iPhone or iPad can be connected to the TV screen wi  using the AirPlay Mirring feature, but provided that Apple TV is available, connected to the TV on which the computer is to run, this method is an excellent option if Apple TV has an Apple TV device.