My online identity

Gaming has changed so much since I was a teenager, we didn’t have Gamer tag’s and Gamer pic’s. Multi player games meant that you would go to your pal’s house and play on their NES or SNES for example. That’s all changed now as we all have online identities, whether we’re gamers, Twitter users or even Snapchat addicts. Which got… Read more →

Why I love being a gamer.

I have this t-shirt that has these 5 controller’s on it. 5 iconic items that reflects who I am as a gamer. The NES controller stirs up feelings of sitting in front of a TV with a wired controller in my hand. That whole sentence would probably stir up memories for people reading this post. This is what I love… Read more →


Learning languages can be a bit tricky if you’re trying to do it by yourself or that is what I used to think prior to installing Memrise. In the past I have tried using using tape/book combos which can work but it was always hard to tell if you were getting things right, thankfully apps like Memrise make life a… Read more →


Gameumentary might not be a name that if familiar to you but these guys are awesome and I’ll tell you why. THEY MAKE VIDEO GAMES DOCUMENTARIES. You should check out their YouTube channel before they launch their next big project tomorrow which just happens to be one about Darksiders.   An 8 year old game I discovered last year &… Read more →