How to speed up Windows 7 ?

  • February 20, 2021

Removal of spyware and viruses

speed up windows 7

    The best way to combat viruses is to prevent them by:

  • Run the anti-virus program, make it work as soon as the computer connects to the Internet.
  • Doing deep research on viruses at least once a week.
  • Search for harmful programs, such as: Espionage programs and malicious software that are installed behind the scenes; They consume the system’s resources and make it slower, and these defense programs can be obtained free of charge from the Internet, from…

Improved startup

    Optimize Startup can be improved through:

  • Removing unnecessary software from the start-up, there are many programs that start by installing additions on the computer once you start, and these programs can be removed by placing the mouse cursor in the bottom corner of the left of the screen, zooming the code box in order to view all programs that start working with Windows, and then deleting unnecessary software.
  • Removing programs is not…

Update physical parts

    Physical parts can be updated through:

  • Install more random access memory space. Windows 7 requires at least 1 gigabyte, and to obtain
    On better performance it is recommended to install 2 gigabytes or more, if Windows widows 7-32 bit, it is best to use 4 gigabytes.

  • Install a new processor, which is more important than increasing memory size.

Speed Up Computer

    These steps can speed up the computer:

  • Delete temp files, history, and cookies periodically.
  • Turn off the computer when it’s finished, and don’t let it work for days.
  • Disestablishment of unused programs.
  • Empty the trash periodically.