How to speed up a computer ?

  • February 20, 2021

 Restart the device

Repurposing a device is a solution that helps to speed up a slow computer temporarily, for memory renewal, and sometimes solves the problem of faulty operation of certain programs and services.

Performance Problem-Solving Tool

    (Performance troubleshooter), this tool is installed by default in the Windows operating system, and ensures the identification and reduction of problems that slow the computer, and as steps are taken to use this tool on the Windows operating system:

  • Click on Start button.
  • Click on Control Panel.
  • Write the Error Explorer sentence in the search entry for the control panel.
  • Choose the Trupleshooting option, then click on the Check for Performance Problems option.

Delete Programs and Files

The user can remove any unused software on the computer. The device may contain many software installed on it that can slow the device down, by trapping it in memory and in storage space available on the device, where it can be removed by moving to the control panel (English: Control Panel, then move to the option of adding and removing programs…

Installation of anti-virus programs

As the number of viruses, errors, and adoir software that the computer must handle decreases, the device can devote more time to other processes, so it is recommended to install anti-virus programs (English: anti-virus software) on the device, as well as programs for the deletion of spy programs (English: spyware scanner) and the discovery of harmful programs (English: …

use of modern technology

A computer that uses modern and advanced technologies is faster than a device that uses old technologies; that the new technologies are working faster and more efficiently; A year-old computer works much faster than a 10-year-old computer or more.

Change Power Settings

    Computer performance can be accelerated by changing and maximizing power settings by following the following steps:

  • Go to the Control Panel in the computer.
  • System and Security option.
  • Click on the Power Options button, then choose the option to create a power option.
  • Select High Performance option.

updating equipment

The computer can be accelerated by updating some of the hardware’s physical components, and some of the components that can be updated to accelerate the computer:

  • RAM random memory: Windows 7 requires a random memory (RAM) of at least one gigabyte, preferably increasing this memory to at least 2 gigabytes.
  • Processor: A new processor can be added in desktop computers to speed up the device, and this may require the user to download a new version of Windows on the computer to work better, and in return it…

Use RAM memory

A computer with a large RAM (RAM) can store more software that is currently running in memory. If computer memory runs out, the computer will transfer unsealed data to memory in the static disk engine until it is needed again, and because the hard disk engine is the slowest memory type, the device can become slow if it is not added.

cooling system

Thermal dispersion and propeller are used in computers to prevent the temperature of the processor, and effective cooling systems can help to raise the performance of the CPU, by increasing its speed.

Desegregation of hard drive

The decomposition of the laptop’s hard drive depends on the integration of all the empty spaces created into the file system structure when downloading or deleting files on the device.

BIOS Update

A BIOS update for a computer, or fixed software, helps other devices connected to it; As routers, it helps to improve computer performance, fix errors and add new features to the computer by searching for the current BIOS release number displayed on the boot screen, or displayed in the BIOS installation program, and then visiting the manufacturer’s website; To look for updates…

Reset Operating System

This solution is considered optimal when the device is to be accelerated; By removing the operating system installed on the computer, and then reloading it again, although this option is ideal for accelerating the device, it is placed in the latest list of proposals to increase the speed of the device.