How to solve slow computer problems

Solving Computer Slow Problem

Computer Slow Problem

restart your computer

The first option in the process of solving the computer slow problem is to restart the device, especially if the device has not been restarted recently, and the following steps illustrate how to restart the computer running the Windows 10 operating system:

  • Click on Start button.
  • Click on the apparent power button code via the start button menu.
  • Select Restart option.

Turn off software running in the background

Software running in the background of a computer is one of the most slow causes of the device’s operation; Such software must therefore be discontinued in order to reduce the device’s slow pace and speed up its operation.

  • Click continuously on the Ctrl + Alt + Delete buttons in the device’s keyboard.
  • Click on Task Manager.
  • Clicking on Process Tab.
  • Select the program to be discontinued in the background of the device.
  • Click on End Task.

Cleaning the hard drive

A hard drive can slow the device down if its storage capacity reaches its limit, resulting in the operating system of the device not having sufficient storage space to perform properly; So the user must verify that there is at least 500 megabytes as empty space in the hard drive, and the device’s hard drive can be cleaned…

  • Empty the  Bin.
  • Delete unused software in the device.
  • Remove files within the downloaders folder, with attention to the need to move files needed by the user elsewhere in the device.
  • Scanning connection identification files via computer-installed Internet browsers.
  • Transfer some files from hard drive to cloud storage media.
  • Desegregation of hard drive

    The disassembly of a hard disk can be followed to reduce the device’s slowness and speed up its operation, as this results in the device’s data being kept in a single storage area, which speeds up the device’s speed of access.

    • Click on the Start button via the device’s keyboard.
    • Write the search word (defrag) via the search tape shown on the screen.
    • Click on the option to eliminate retail and improve disk drives.
    • Clicking on the Optimize option to begin the process of deconstructing the hard drive that exists across the device, it should be noted that this process may take a few hours to complete.

    Turn off automatically running programs

    The problem of computer slowness can be reduced by decommissioning any programs that operate automatically at the start of the device, especially those that are not often used on the computer.

  • Click on Start button.
  • Select Settings.
  • Click on Apps option.
  • Choose the Startup option, then click on the opening button for Startup Apps.
  • Move to Startup Apps, then select the program to be blocked when starting the device, then configure it on the option…
  • Update OS

    One way to reduce computer slowness is to verify that the operating system of the device is up-to-date for the latest release, as this will update the existing operating software across the device and thereby accelerate it and reduce its slow functioning.  The Windows 10 operating system of the device can be updated by following the following steps:

    • Click on the Start button via the computer keyboard.
    • Click on the apparent Settings code in the form of a toothed circle.
    • Click on Update & Security.
    • Select the Check for Updates option where the user will show the status of the device’s operating system and if updates are available.
    • Click on…

    Delete temporary files

    In the course of the computer operation of the various programs on the device, storage of what are known as temporary files is done on the hard drive on the device. The problem of device slowness can be helped by deleting these files. The following steps explain how they are deleted:

    • Click on the Start button via the computer keyboard.
    • Write the search command (disk cleanup) within the apparent search bar through the start window.
    • Select Disk Cleaning Option.
    • Select up system files.
    • Select the apparent selection squares across the device screen, then click the consent button (OK).
    • Click on Delete Files…

    Cleaning up the device from harmful software

    The computer is likely to be slow because of viruses and harmful software on it, which may run in the background of the device, causing it to slow, and some programs may also track and influence the user’s Internet browser; So it’s recommended that an anti – virus program run through the device and scan all parts of the hard drive to clean it from viruses that might be…

    Memory Update and Hard Drive

    The device can be accelerated and slow down by installing modern RAM; This memory should not be less than 4 gigabytes for devices with a 64-bit operating system; The device can be accelerated by installing a modern SSD.