How to shop online in the right way

 Online Shopping.

Online shopping is a process in which goods and services are searched and purchased online through a web browser so that a person can purchase any goods without having to leave their home. An online location that provides its services and its products for purchase may be available on the ordinary market, or a separate online shopping site may exist without a normal market. What distinguishes online shopping from traditional shopping is that the first one is always available, unlike most regular markets with certain hours. When you shop online, you can easily compare and select prices for the same product from different locations. Most goods in the ordinary market are also found in electronic markets, so many types of electronic markets are available.

How to shop online?

Payment is usually made on electronic shopping using a credit card and the purchase is made by means of a shopping cart or a bag. To purchase goods from an online shopping site, the goods to be purchased are added to the shopping bag by pressing the Add to Bag or Add to Cart button, and when you have finished shopping, the “Pay” button is pressed (in English: Checkout) and it is recommended that you check which items have been selected to match what the purchaser wants.

what You need, when You are about to buy? 

Credit Card Information: First, the type of credit card is chosen, and if it does not exist, the website probably does not support this type of card, then the name of the credit card holder is entered, just as it is written on the card, then the credit card number, the date it ended, and the security code, this code is located behind the card and consists of three digits if the card is Visa or Master Card. If a market card of the same website and not of a known credit company is used, a security code will probably not be required. Shipping Address: The address the buyer wishes to ship the goods they purchased is entered and the website will calculate the cost of shipping based on this address

• In the event of an error in the purchase, it is recommended that you ensure that the information entered is accurate, such as name, address, and different credit card information; A minor error in any information may cause the purchase to fail, and if the correct information is correct when it is verified, the buyer can try another credit card.

Tips for secure online shopping

There are security risks when shopping online – because malware can potentially be compromised or infected – anyone who wants to buy online should be careful. Recommended for online shopping are:

• Shopping only through trusted websites, it is not a good idea to use a search engine to search for goods for purchase.

 • Avoid shopping websites that require lots of unnecessary information, and the national number and date of birth are an example of this additional information. 

• Shopping from websites that use HTTPS only, not those that use HTTP, where the website address must begin with the words “//:HTTPS”. 

• Use anti-virus software to protect the device by which the purchase is made from various malicious programs.

 • Avoid using passwords that can be easily guessed when registering for shopping websites. 

• Avoid using public computers, and are not recommended even for visiting e-mail.

The disadvantages of online shopping

Online shopping has many benefits; however, it also has many disadvantages, security and privacy issues are the most prominent, and the buyer’s inability to try the item before purchasing it also has the disadvantages of online shopping; Especially when buying clothes, the buyer cannot know what made the item, nor can he know whether it is by its standard or by its desire, in addition, if the buyer has a specific query, he will not be able to receive the help directly.