How to control on your Wifi

How to control on your Wifi

Computer network It is a set of computers and servers: Servers), as well as various network devices such as the Router and Protection System (English: Firewalls), all attached to each other to allow for the transmission of data between them. The Internet is one of the best-known examples of computer networks; It has millions of computers from different…

 : The network can be divided by size into several types, of which the most famous are

LAN (English: Local Aria Network), in which network devices are connected at close distances, examples of this type of network are home networks, networks used in schools, etc..

  • Network Apart (English: Wide Area Network), where network devices are connected at large distances, the entire globe is floating as the Internet is, it can be said, a network that is spaced on a geographical area, and the Rooter is used to connect local networks to the spaced networks.
  • Local network…
  • network topology

    Network topology means the relationship between connected devices and how they are photographed in a graph. The number of connected devices can be determined in addition to their order and sequence. There are several forms of network that can be taken:

    • Star topology: Star topology: Switch). A glitch in any of the computers in this network will only damage the connection of the device itself to the network and not to the entire network.
    • Tree topology: Trey topology: The most popular is used in homes, as well as in companies, and is a mixture of star and bus topologies, in which several networks using stellar topology are connected to a single wire, and as such networks are more expandable later.
    • Ring topology: In this type of network, each device in the network is connected to two other devices for the purpose of communication. When the data is sent as a loop, either clockwise or reverse, from device to device until it reaches the required location.
    • Retinal topology: Examples of this type of network are the Internet and spaced networks (English: WAN), which is different in structure from other topologies; Where all devices are connected to each other to form a network, when sending data to a particular point, this data can take several ways to reach this point.

    Bus topology: In this type of network, all devices are connected to a single wire.

    network control

    Access to the Router console

    In case the user wants to change the network settings, he/she has to access his/her control board. This is done as follows:

    First, the IP address should be known: IP Address) for the Router, and this can be done by using the “ipconfig” command in the command router (English: In the Windows operating system, after writing the command, the address of the Router IP will be written alongside the sentence “Default gateway.”

    A web browser is opened: Web browser) and the entry of the pre-extracted IP address into the address field (English: Address bar).

    Login to the command interface, usually the Rooter’s management account information is printed on it at one point, and if the user has forgotten or lost the account information and cannot log in, the Rooter can reset the factory settings by pressing the custom button on the device itself.

    Knowledge of network-related devices

    All network-related devices can be detected from computers, cellular devices, printers, etc., through the Rauter control board, as follows:

    Access to the router control panel.

    On the Case Display page: Status page) or on the Wireless Network Settings page (English: Wi-Fi Conflict), options are being sought to display “connected devices” (English: Atached claims), or: Connect relations), or so-called: DHCP Cliants), or similar; Options vary from one roter to another.

    A list of all connected devices showing the name of the host will appear: For each device as well as the Mac address: and the MAC Address.

    Separation of network-related devices

    The user can separate the devices connected to the network through several methods; This can be done through certain software such as Netcat: Netcut for Windows, or Jam Wi-Fi: JamWiFi) for MAC devices (English: Mac OS X), or the so-called application (English: WiFi Kill) for Android devices, or simply from…