How to change your modem (Router) password


Modem and router

Internet users may hesitate to use the terms modem or router, but the user does not know what each means.a modem or a modem is a device that allows the computer to send and receive data, either by means of a ground telephone line, which was previously the most popular means of communication. In this case, the modem converts data from analogue to digital, cable, or satellite communication.

A router or router is an electronic device that connects multiple computer networks to each other via a wired or wireless connection. Some carriers provide devices that can integrate the work of both devices (both router and modem) into one device, which connects to the Internet and provides a local network.

Change the Admin panel password

Enter the control panel

To change any settings in the router or its modem such as changing the password or network password, the user must go to and log on to the device control panel, by entering the router’s IP address in the web browser. If the user cannot find this address through the router manual, they will follow the steps below on the Windows operating system

• Go to Control Panel in Windows. Click the “View Network Status” option under the “Network and Internet” section.

• Tap the name of the network to which the computer is connected.

• Pressing the “Details” button on the “Status” screen will open a new window, the router’s IP address is next to the phrase “IPv4 Default Gateway”, and it will be entered in the addresses

• input box on the web browser and the “Enter” button is pressed on the keyboard.

After you go to the control page, the user will be asked for a username and password; this data protects the device settings from being modified by other users who are connected to the network, and this data (if not changed) usually varies from router to router. The router manual can be used for this data, or you can visit http://routerpasswords.com”, which contains automatic login data for different computers.

Change the password

To prevent other network users from accessing the router control panel and changing its settings, the password used to log on to it is changed, usually by searching for the “password” option at the control panel, usually accessed via the “Advanced” section.

TP-Link Devices

To change the administrative account data on “TP-link” computers, there are several ways, so these methods vary in device type, including the following:

• Go to “Maintenance” and then to “Administration”, then create the new login and press the “Save” button. 

• Go to “System Tools” and then to “Password” via the toolbar at the left of the screen, after which the new data is entered, and the user will then press the “Save” button, go back to the login page, and the user will enter the new data. 

• Go to “Advanced”, to “System Tools”, and then to “Administration”, then the user enters the data necessary to change the user name and password used to log in under the “Account Management” section, then press the “Save” button.

• Go to “Status” and then to “Security”, then the user enters the current password, then enters the password they want twice, and then press the “apply” button.

• Go to “System Tools” and then to “manage Control”, then the user enters the old password, then enters the new user data, then press the “Save” button.

• Go to “Management” and then to “access Control”, then press “passwords”. Next, the old password is entered, the new password is entered twice, and then the “Save/Apply” button is pressed.

Dlink Devices

The password used to enter the DLink-type router control panel can be changed by following these steps:

• From the control panel, navigate to the Tools tab.

• Press the “admin” button.

• Enter your new password twice.


• To change the password for the administrative account on NETGEAR computers, with the following steps:

• After entering the control panel, it goes to “Advanced”, to “Administration”, and then press “set Password”.

• The old password is entered, then the new password is entered twice, and the “enable Password Recovery” option is preferred to recover the password if it is lost

• Press the “apply” button.

Linksys Devices

To change the administrator account password on Linksys computers, follow these steps:

• After you log in to the control panel, the “Administration” tab goes.
• Enter the new password in the “Router Password” and “re-enter to confirm” fields.
• Press the “Save Settings” button and then press the “Continue” button to move to the next page.

Reset your password

If the password to enter the router’s control panel is lost, the user must reset the settings by pressing the reset button, so that the login, as well as all device settings, will be reset to their original values.