How do I connect the phone to the TV?

  • February 14, 2021

 Mobile Phone TV Connection

There are several ways in which a mobile phone can be connected to a TV, one of which is wired, one of which is wireless, and one of which is Android: Android, including what’s for iPhones (English: iPhone), the cost of using each method is different from the other, as well as depending on what TV supports.

Wired Mobile Phone


The iPhone can be wired to the TV through a link from Apple. Apple) is a dedicated “Apple’s digital AV Adapter,” a link that connects any Apple device to television through an HDMI link. There are two types of links: Lightning, the other for old Apple devices that…

The iPhone or iPad is connected: Using this method, the mobile device is connected to the TV using the link, and then the input source is changed (English: Intrut is on TV to be via the link that was connected and connected to the mobile device.

Android Devices 

Using HDMI cable

Some Android devices support direct connectivity to television through a dedicated HDMI link; Most of the devices that support this method carry a small HDMI port from the standard type on TVs, it may be either Mini HDMI or Micro HDMI, which is the smallest of them.

To be able to take advantage of this method, the user must own an Android device that supports one of the outlets mentioned, as well as a cable for switching between the normal port and this port, usually called “HDMI to Mini-HDMI” for the first port type, or “HDMI to Micro-HDMI.”

Using an MHL or Slimport link
If the Android device does not have an HDMI port, the MHL or Slimport link can be used; Either of these links can be used to connect the mobile phone to the TV through the microUSB port in the Android. 

These links support the image and sound (up to eight audio channels), and to be able to connect the Android to the TV using this method, it is necessary to have a piece connected between the phone and the TV to convert the signal from the mobile phone to HDMI. The latest versions of these links support 4K accuracy, are more expensive than direct connectivity through the HDMI port, and support many devices…

There are some differences between the two links; Where MHL links require an external power source, the latest versions of this link consume up to 1,000 watts of the device connected to the TV, but if the SlimPort link is used, it does not require that the connection consume little.

Wireless TV Mobile Phone Connection


Plugin with Apple TV

    Apple TV’s iPhone can be connected to Apple TV, following the following steps:

  • Ensure that the AirPlay feature in Apple TV sets is activated, by login to the TV settings, and then select “AirPlay” from among the existing options, a new menu will appear, making sure that the first option is activated (with the word “On”), and if not, activating
  • Make sure both iPhones and TV are connected…

Using DLNA technology
    Most TVs with the wireless feature support the connectivity of their mobile devices through DLNA technology. To connect the iPhone to the TV with this technology, an application that supports this process must be installed, including the ArkMC, which is available in the Apple App Store: App Store), used as follows:

  • Ensure that the DLNA feature is activated in television via settings.
  • Create a wireless network connection from both devices (telephone and television).
  • Open the ArkMC application.
  • Press the “Arkuda DMS” option, and then choose “Music, photos, or videos.”
  • Select the TV device through the visible menu.

Android Devices 

Using Miracast

    To connect the Android mobile phone to the TV through the Miracast feature, first make sure that the mobile phone supports this feature, and the TV must support it as well, or the user has a Miracast link connected to the TV. The phone would be on TV through…

  • After the Miracast link is connected to the TV or the feature is activated, the source of the TV input is converted to be via Miracast.
  • Through the Android device, the transition to settings (English: Settings), then select screen settings (English: “Wireless” is then chosen, knowing that this step may vary from device to device.
  • Activate feature…

Using the Chromecast feature
    To connect the Android mobile to the TV via Chromecast, the phone must be Android 4.4.2 or newer, and the TV must support this feature. To connect the phone to the television via the Chromecast feature, the following steps are followed:

  • Install Google Home in case it is not installed.
  • Make sure the mobile phone as well as the TV are connected to the same wireless network.
  • Enter Google Home, then open the menu and select “Cast Screen/Audio.”
  • Press the blue button and select the TV device to create a connection.

The feature can also be activated via the fast settings screen, which is accessed by dragging the top of the screen down, and then pressing the “Cast” (or “Cast Screen”) option.