How did I improved in Digital Marketing ? NO PAYMENT NEEDED

  • February 23, 2021

Why I Decided to Take FWD Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program?

Once upon a time, I was studying for my school as usual. when seeing a Facebook post that talking about making money from home. I called a friend who knows some technical things about computer problem-solving and some technical info maybe I can find out anything about Online Money Makers. Surprisingly! He had no idea about the whole concept. I went back home disappointed, but I have had some hope to know how can I be like those people.

Then One day, I started looking through the Internet on how to Earn some pounds from the internet. Guess what? I found some scam videos explained that how you can make fast cash within 1-hour effort!

I kept looking, and I didn’t give up, and I actually started the real action when I found the first video about e-commerce and profit’s proofs from Google, YouTube, how to market products, what Facebook’s advertising platform is. 

After getting to know some of those interested in the same field and collecting some info. After one year I did my first project as a marketer. It wasn’t enough for me, was not good as I expected.

Because of that, I kept looking for resources to learn Digital Marketing in the right way. when I found FWD Initiative and take the chance to enroll with the nano degree. I committed to the challenger track. when I passed the exam of the track and I tried to get my first gig out of freelancers’ platforms. 

Until finally, I found my first client on a Facebook group. he wanted to launch his first campaign, I have accepted a job offer as a Content Writer and Social Media Marketer.