What I Hate About Being A Gamer

A couple of months ago I wrote a post about what I loved about being a gamer, now it’s time to talk about stuff that I hate about being a gamer & I’m sure there is people who feel exactly the same as me when it comes to certain aspects of modern video gaming.


Let’s start with the thing that gets me more annoyed than anything else, cheating. I love playing multiplayer games online in games like Halo 5 but with multiplayer games you also attract people who want to win by any means possible and for some that means that they need to cheat, a prime example is lag switching where they mess with the router and that slows the game. If someone is wanting to cheat then they’ll find a way.


Sexism is another thing that annoys me. From sexy armour in games to girl gamers getting talked to in a rude manner, there is plenty of sexist activity in gaming. There’s no need for it as I believe gaming should be for all.

Online Bullying

Nobody likes a bully do they? Online Bullying isn’t just restricted to games lobbies and in game activity, it also rears its ugly face on social media as well. I have seen it on Facebook and Twitter as well as experienced it in lobbies with people being racist towards me because I’m Scottish and I have had to stand up to people trying to bully my team mates too. It’s something that I hate.


There’s aspects of DLC that gets on my nerves. DLC on the game disc for example as well as crappy content such as horse armour or paying for a map pack so you can continue playing with your pal’s online.

DLC has improved with games like the Witcher 3 which has massive DLC content or free content that you get with more recent games. Games like Street Fighter 4 have cracking content to download.

Unfinished Games/Crappy Games

Now I know that games publisher’s have a market that they have deliver for and game’s studios work hard on getting games out to us gamers but unfortunately not every game is a triple A title.

Unfinished games annoy me because I feel that whoever is publishing the game is having to rush out a product that should really have be released when the game is complete. It’s something you didn’t get in gaming in the past. As for crappy games, I hate paying out £40 for something that really should be retailing for a lot less.

There is nothing worse than coming home and finding you hate your new purchase.

I think I have covered almost everything that I hate about gaming, but no doubt as gaming improves then I will have less to hate.

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