Wannabe A Record breaker

For just over a year now I have been wanting to attempt to break a gaming record.  I got a copy of the Guinness world records book for gamers as a fathers day present last year; after reading it I realised that breaking a similar gaming record to some of the feats featured  in the book not only was possible to could be quite achievable with the right idea & possibly some help from Xbox or a publisher with a big game to be released during 2017.  I’m thinking of setting a record for the longest time playing a game.

Personally I blame watching this show as a child for me getting the ambition  for a gaming record.  For those that don’t know Record Breakers was a UK TV show hosted by Roy Castle in which record attempts would appear.  sadly Roy died of lung cancer just like my granddad, hence why I want to do this.

Most records it appears is done as a form of fund raising for charities, so I think I have found the right charity to raise money for, I just need to find a game that I can play for 24 hours and I think I might know which publisher to contact regarding this.     I’ve never done anything like this in my life so it seems I will have to do some investigating in how to turn this idea into a reality.





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