Violence, Video games and Politics

Pac-man, a video game classic where the character chomps on pill’s and eats in game fruit and the other characters in the game (after eating a power pill). Would you call this game violent? After all he is eating the ghosts in the game; I wouldn’t call it violent.

I have been gaming for a very long time, I have jumped on turtles head’s as Super Mario, I have been ghostbusting as his brother Luigi and most recently I have been saving mankind as the Master chief. I even have been sailing on my own boat in the technical alpha for Sea of Thieves.

Now all the games I have ever played have included some form of violence in one way or another, ranging from comical violence to shooting aliens in Halo 5.


Just because I play something that could be considered violent doesn’t make me a violent person.


Also as long as I can remember there has been politicians (and would-be ones too) trying to blame video games for acts of violence like the recent mass shooting in Florida, an act carried out by someone who apparently wasn’t a gamer. There has been a recent study in Germany that says there’s no link between video games and violence so why do politicians try to pin the blame on our hobby?

To me, it has always been a form of distraction, a way of getting us looking away from the real cause of violence & I consider that to be a woeful practice.

Don’t get me wrong about politics, after all I do live in Scotland; one of the most politically active countries of late. Scotland has actually embraced the gaming industry lately, what with more companies starting up here and more courses in this subject cropping up. I should know as I too took a course in this subject at Abertay in Dundee.




The point that i’m trying to make is that your government can deal with the games industry in one of 2 ways; they can embrace it like Japan and other countries governments or they can try and blame it for societies ill’s like America but I’d rather have my country like Japan.

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