The Trouble with Tech

Technology is great when it works & when it doesn’t I find myself getting annoyed at it, Smart phones and Computers are usually the culprits for my little bursts of anger.   For a very long time I was blogging from my mobile phone which works a treat by the way instead of am overloaded computer running Windows 10 which would freeze and crash so often it had to be replaced.  It managed to run on Windows 7 okay so to find it being so unreliable with the newer OS frustrated me


So I now have an older PC lying about, just sitting there in a corner of my living room.  It’s the same PC i’m thinking of installing a retro games emulator on called Lakka which covers a wide range of old gaming systems.  That’s not the only option i’m considering turning it into a personal cloud server using something called Tonido.   With me being such a geek theses options really appeal especially sharing of photo’s with family.


I have ended up with a far more reliable computer which will help me create content more easily which was a problem I had with the old one.    Now back to complaining about tech.


The first computer I ever had was a ZX Spectrum 48k+ (not pictured above).  I remember having a love/hate relationship with the spectrum.   All my games were on cassette tape, which was good for music but not so good for games at the time.    I had so many copies of games I didn’t buy that I lost count.   It was easy, you just borrowed games from your friends & half the time they had a copy of a legally bought copy.  The other other problem was loading them up to run on your computer.  If you were lucky they would run first time but if they were to crash then that was ten minutes of load time wasted & repeated trying to get a game to run.


I never owned a ZX Spectrum plus 3 but i do know loading software was much easier;  i think that is the reason why I have always preferred consoles over computers even though i have dabbled with PC gaming in the past, Grim Fandango anyone?  Don’t get me wrong modern PC gaming is a hell of a lot better but too expensive for me.

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  1. 19th March 2018 at 8:17 pm

    Hey I enjoyed your synopsis on technology and your computer history. I still remember my first IBM computer. Great content! Following your page. V.R.

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