The problem with modern consoles

This image sums up how I feel about modern consoles.  Don’t get me wrong because I love my Xbox one as much as someone reading this might love their PlayStation 4 or their Nintendo Switch but modern machines are more than just games console’s these days. 

They can do so much more.

For example I can play Blu-ray’s on my Xbox, I can browse the internet, I can stream TV and movies as well as purchase games directly but while these are great features they lack the plug and play aspect of previous games console’s.   

In most cases I have to install a game before I can play it, half the time I also have to update the game before I can play it.  That’s almost as bad as having to update the console itself which can take up a long time to download but not as long as a game update.
While I might miss the instant play of games on previous console’s such as a Super Nintendo I wouldn’t go back to only being able to play games on a games console.

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