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Return of the “Duke”

I can’t believe this controller is making a comeback but it sure is. Microsoft is bringing back their iconic controller from the first Xbox. The original Xbox controller which was often called the “Duke” due to it’s size and awkwardness for small handed people is making a comeback.  I can’t believe it but it is.  It’s been recreated & redesigned… Read more →

Mixer Vs Twitch

Streaming games is all the range these days and you have the choice of 2 apps to do exactly that on the Xbox one. So what are they? Let me introduce the newist streaming app first. Mixer Mixer is owned by Microsoft & was formerly known as Beam. It is built into the dashboard of your Xbox one & set… Read more →

A cool thing you can do with an Xbox one

I had one of those original Xbox’s tucked away in my living room, I currently use the Kinect to sign in on my Xbox one & most of the time I play games on my TV  on my sofa.

Recently I have been finding out what else it can do.

Have you got an Xbox one? Do you know you can do something cool with it & another Windows 10 device?

If you have a PC, a laptop or even a tablet running Windows 10 then you should be able to download the Xbox app which acts as a gateway to your Xbox one & the best bit is that you can stream directly to that device from your Xbox.   So here is my set up, a laptop/tablet combo I purchased a while back.


As a blogger I needed a reliable computer to work with, you know for running my blog amongst other things.  I never dreamt I could use my Bush Eluma 10.1 to stream games & do screengrabs from my Xbox one as well.  As long as you have a good Wi-Fi connection, you shouldn’t have too much trouble streaming your console to whatever you have.   Now that is cool if someone else wants to watch the TV.

The problem with modern consoles

This image sums up how I feel about modern consoles.  Don’t get me wrong because I love my Xbox one as much as someone reading this might love their PlayStation 4 or their Nintendo Switch but modern machines are more than just games console’s these days.  They can do so much more. For example I can play Blu-ray’s on my… Read more →