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Great News, I have received an award for the blog’s Retro entries. We got it from feedspot.com & I am pleased that someone out there likes my blog to give me this.  Talking of Retro posts I plan on adding some more & reblogging other retro blogs.  I’m currently drafting a quick gift guide for retro gamers like myself.   Read more →

Being seen online

The internet has really taken off in the last 20 years, back in the day when I did my computing course at college, there was no Facebook or Twitter,  no YouTube & gaming online on consoles was just beginning.  Nowadays Gaming online is a big deal as is the Internet.  It’s easier to set up a website thanks to companies… Read more →

A cool thing you can do with an Xbox one

I had one of those original Xbox’s tucked away in my living room, I currently use the Kinect to sign in on my Xbox one & most of the time I play games on my TV  on my sofa.

Recently I have been finding out what else it can do.

Have you got an Xbox one? Do you know you can do something cool with it & another Windows 10 device?

If you have a PC, a laptop or even a tablet running Windows 10 then you should be able to download the Xbox app which acts as a gateway to your Xbox one & the best bit is that you can stream directly to that device from your Xbox.   So here is my set up, a laptop/tablet combo I purchased a while back.


As a blogger I needed a reliable computer to work with, you know for running my blog amongst other things.  I never dreamt I could use my Bush Eluma 10.1 to stream games & do screengrabs from my Xbox one as well.  As long as you have a good Wi-Fi connection, you shouldn’t have too much trouble streaming your console to whatever you have.   Now that is cool if someone else wants to watch the TV.