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Beta gaming

As a Xbox gamer I love the fact that I get invited to play games early as an Xbox insider, it’s a great perk to have, that is, If I can find/ have time to play.  This week I’ve been playing Paladins by Hi Rez studio’s, the makers of Smite.   If you’ve played Smite then you will love Paladins.  It’s a great game which is similar to Smite but has its on merits.  I can’t really same much about it, other than it’s really good and it involves unique weapons.  If you would play this game early you can get an invite from someone in the beta like myself.

The other reason is that I don’t want to spoil the experience for any of my fellow gamers.  I’ve also been trying to play in the Technical Alpha for Sea of Thieves, the new pirating game from Rare.

It looks amazing fun but due to restraints outwith my control I haven’t been able to play it.  Both of these games are titles I would like to review in the future.   The joys of juggling parenting, working full time & blogging, I’m very surprised I get to play anything.