Super Mario World

This game brings back a lot of good memories and that’s why I ended up buying a copy early last year.

There is not a lot of games that I have grown up with that I want my kids to play but Super Mario World is one of them.  The game itself was a launch title for the Super Nintendo and what a game it is.

It’s made up of several different themed world’s with Bowser’s offspring acting as mini bosses along the way.

I remember the first few levels with Mario dodging huge Bullit Bills, dinosaurs and Koopa Trooper’s. 

It’s also where player’s get to discover Yoshi, a rideable companion that also came in different colours which meant they gained special abilities depending on the colour of the koopa shell’s eaten.

This game is full of secret’s and hidden levels which makes it so much of a classic game.  Whilst there has been over version’s of this for later Nintendo console’s, nothing beats the original.

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