Spy Hunter

You won’t believe the impact of playing one arcade cabinet has had on my life. I can’t remember exactly how much it cost me to play in pocket money but I do remember asking for more just to continue playing Spy Hunter the first time I played it.

It was the first time that I used a steering wheel and a gear stick as well.

The game play was fairly straightforward, you drove a James Bond like spy car called the Interceptor which used oil slicks and smoke screen defence and had machine guns at the front.

It also features a digital version of the Peter Gunn theme music, a piece of music I had only heard as part of the Blues Brothers soundtrack. You score points for shooting enemy vehicles and having them crash with oil etc.

The best bit for me was the van, something similar to the one in Knight Rider, which for example, dropped off a replacement vehicle when you died.

This game has spouted an arcade sequel, many console version’s as well as a couple of reboot version’s of the game.

I particularly like the rebooted version on the GameCube I had when it came out about 16 years ago (give or take).

It’s a game I have always liked playing and every time I hear the Peter Gunn theme playing, I remenise back to my younger self.

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