Something interesting arrived in the post

Picture this,I’m out running an errand one Monday evening and I arrive home with my kids to find out that there’s a parcel from Amazon awaiting me at my home. Coincidentally I didn’t order anything so I was left wondering what it was in the box and who sent it.

Turns out it was this Bloxels thing sent to me by my younger brother, it’s an interesting concept.

You can create your own video game via an mobile app and you have a 13 by 13 board that you can fill with small colour blocks. These blocks have different functionality depending on what you are creating. You can create everything from a character or a background to an actual interactive area.

By the looks of things you have quite a big area to play with when it comes to creating an 8 bit game of your own.

The next few weeks are going to be interesting as I try out this product. The first thing I want to do is create a character or maybe i will create an interesting background. To be honest, knowing where to start is the first challenge.

I plan on letting you know what is happening as I go along.

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