So why call it “Puggy Gaming”

Before the commonwealth games in Glasgow in 2014, I took a course in breaking into writing for a living which meant i had learned to use WordPress for blogging but at the time i was busy trying to find work before setting up a blog.   
Fast forward to 2016, my wife and I had a child already and another on the way, i finally got a fixed working pattern and had already helped someone else with a gaming blog but due to family commitments I had decided that I would set up my own when the time was right. 

So in January this year I started up this site, but why call it Puggy Gaming? Why not use my Xbox gamer tag instead?  

I decided to call it Puggy Gaming because i started playing SpyHunter as a child, in an

In one of the many Arcade’s in Leven sea front but the game that got me really hooked on gaming was Street Fighter 2.

This game was a launch title on the Super Nintendo system and seeing how both were connected i chose to go with the name i now have. It’s all down to a conversation with my wife one night in February.

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