Slime Rancher

I heard about this game about a month ago, a game where you’re on an alien planet running a ranch full of strange alien slime creatures & I thought it would be an interesting game.  Oh boy, was I surprised at this title. The general aim of the game is to collect and look after different alien slime creatures, as you expect you have to keep them in enclosures.

The most common slime is the pink one’s which will eat anything.  You use a ghost busters style vacuum backpack to collect slimes, food, wild chickens, etc, etc which is your main tool/weapon.  You can collect water and use it as a water pistol and you can use it to feed the slimes too.

The most interesting part of this, is the need to collect prort which acts as payment towards in-game currency as well as allowing slimes to merge.   This allows you to upgrade your pack, build stuff and unlock areas.
This game is as addictive as it’s charming, I found myself playing for hours and it is the most child friendliest game I have played for a while.

It is currently FREE for the month of August 2017 as the Xbox one’s Games with Gold title.  I recommend you download it as soon as possible.

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