Should Microsoft launch a discless machine

A few days ago I had read online that Microsoft are planning on launching a discless Xbox console. In theory this is a great idea but in practice I think it’s not such a great idea. Whilst the console itself is mainly a games machine, for a lot of people like me, their console is also used as a multi media system.

For example.. My family and I regularly watch DVD and Bluray films on it, I also have a growing collection of Xbox 360 games on disc. The reason is simple, I often shop around for games that I missed first time round so I may play them now. There’s also all my games i got rid of when the Xbox One wasn’t backwards compatible.

So here’s some reasons why i don’t think a discless system is a good idea.

  • Not everyone has high-speed Internet access so having to download every game can time consuming.
  • People like a bargain, especially when money is a little bit tight so unless there’s a sale on nobody can get themselves said bargain.
  • Gamers often buy new games and find out that they don’t like them; with a physical disc, you can take it back and get a refund. A refund system needs to be in play for a digital market.
  • Gamers lend each other games that the other person doesn’t have, you can’t do that with a digital copy due to constraints.
  • Not every film and TV show is available on streaming services.
  • For a discless Xbox console to truly be worth it needs a large inbuilt storage in place, not easy if you want to keep costs down.

I think i have summoned up my feelings pretty well but what do you think? Let me know in the comments section below.

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