Sea of Thieves is going to rock

Sea of Thieves has been in the technical alpha for over a year and the closed beta has just closed. What fun I have had with this.

I have to say it has developed into something very special, there’s not a lot of games I would describe this way but Sea of Thieves from Rare is going to one such game. Playing this game during its technical alpha and again during the closed beta has made me fall in love with being a pirate. Everything from finding treasure on some remote island to forcibly stealing treasure chest’s from other pirate’s to even getting drunk and falling off your boat has led me to believe that this game is going to be one of the biggest games for Xbox in 2017.

Yes, it was a boat that size if you are wondering.

The fact that you can play solo in a small boat or as part of a crew of four means that player’s are going to have hours of fun on the open sea.

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