Scotsgamergeek’s Top 5 Pokémon Go Tips

I have been playing Pokémon Go for a few years now and here’s my top 5 tips for playing.

Tip 1

Playing this game can be draining on your phone’s battery so getting a battery pack to recharge on the go helps.

Tip 2

Take advantage of free internet in shopping malls etc and save on your phone’s data use. There’s plenty of places that have it so why not utilise it for catching an Eevee or something?

Tip 3

Share your trainer code online via social media and you’ll make lots of friends who’ll send you gifts. Gifts are available from pokèstops and adding friends gives you bonuses etc.

Tip 4

Evolve your pokèmon as quickly as you can as it boosts your in game XP as dues completing field research tasks which you will get from pokèstops.

Tip 5

Don’t be afraid to take part in Gym battles and Raids, If you leave a Pokémon to defend a gym you gain in game currency for the Pokémon taking part in the gym’s defence. The amount you get depends on how long it lasts. As for raids, raids give you the chance to defeat powerful Pokémon and also catch said Pokémon. You get a big amount of stardust for defeating Pokémon in raids so it’s very useful.

I hope these tips help you enjoy playing the game.

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