Press Start

The day has finally arrived and I’m ready to post on a weekly basis; the last couple of weeks have been busy preparing & organising stuff in the background so that posting video games news stories can be a straight forward task.


Recently I’ve noticed a lot of new likes on Facebook & people are having a nosy at my bio as well so I thought I would shed some light on who I am as a gamer.   I started off very young playing Pac man at my aunts house on an Atari 2600.  like most kids in the 80’s I moved on to playing games on different machines.    My big brother has a Spectrum computer & playing games on that was an interesting experience but I eventually got a Nintendo NES system which my system of choice until the Super Nintendo arrived in the early nighties.

since then I have owned a few different games consoles  until today where I mostly play games on an Xbox one.    What about me as a person? Well, gaming has always been a hobby to me, a form of entertainment;  I am passionate about gaming but I fit it in somewhere between working full time & being a dad to 2 girls under 3.

I have included some books I recommend at the bottom of the site, which will help others with blogging or gaming but mostly gaming I hope.  I hope to get enough visit’s to my blog so I can offer competitions to people who read my blog.   I look forward to posting some games news stories on Wednesday night’s & I hope you stop by


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