Player 1: Ready

For some people the month of February is short but it felt really short for me, I’ve been very busy. At the start of February I got the ball rolling with setting up social media accounts on Twitter & facebook, doing some research, buying books etc & creating a YouTube channel. Now that we are in March I’m getting a slightly clearer picture of where I want to go with this blog/ gaming website, but I’m not quite there yet. It’s a work in progress & I’m ready to go.


There is a part of me wants to focus on making this a Xbox themed whilst another part wants to make it cover all the current generation of gaming machine’s (even though I don’t have a PS4 or a Nintendo Switch) as well as mobile gaming and making some gaming video’s for my channel.

I never realised how much I could be taking on when I finally decided to found a gaming blog/website, a challenge it is to me & I don’t know where this is going to take me but I hope to make it something worthwhile whilst I try to fit it in beside family life (I can’t exactly write & watch over a toddler at the same time.) I have however been finding a few possible ways to make money from a passion I have had since I was a young boy; I can’t believe that it all started with an Atari joystick and me being stuck in front of a games machine with a copy of Pac-man.


Since then I have possessed a few consoles including a Super Nintendo, a N64, a GameCube & a Xbox one amongst others; to make it box only would probably limit my audience but is best to do that? That is a musing for another day.