Pixel Nips

If you are anything like me, you probably have one or 2 gaming t-shirts lying around the house.

But what if you want to design your own?

That is exactly what Kai at Pixel Nips has done, he has designed some really cool 8 bit themed t-shirts, including a few Rick and Morty ones.

This is what Kai told me about his collection.

It’s a collection of pixel art T-shirts inspired by the 8 bit styles of classic retro video games.

The project originally started when I was designing a video game inspired by classic video games. I fell in love with the 8-bit style and started shifting my focus onto my designs. People began asking me about my pixel art designs, so that’s what sparked the idea to start an ecommerce site.

Many of the designs are based on popular shows and movies and every single one is crafted by hand by myself.

Why not check out his site and help a fellow geek out.

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