Old PC meet Lakka

There comes a time when you simply cannot ignore it any longer and you have to get yourself a newer computer. For example If it’s broken you would strip it for parts & recycle it but what about if it still works?

I have an idea what to do with my old pc, now I could turn it into a media centre, a local file server or even a project machine for tinkering with but I have come up with a better idea.

Turn it into a console emulator

The good thing about computers is that you can operating systems on them, which either replaces the current system or shares a drive with it. For example you can have Windows and Linux running on the same machine. Whilst I haven’t decided exactly what I’m doing yet I am thinking of installing something called Lakka which is a variant of Linux, designed to emulate a range of console’s and arcade cabinet software. This would allow me to play a variety of retro games and would stop an otherwise useable computer going to waste.

It seems like a straight forward project. Install the OS then add some controllers, connect it all up to a TV and load up some games. Sounds like fun.

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