My online identity

Gaming has changed so much since I was a teenager, we didn’t have Gamer tag’s and Gamer pic’s. Multi player games meant that you would go to your pal’s house and play on their NES or SNES for example.

That’s all changed now as we all have online identities, whether we’re gamers, Twitter users or even Snapchat addicts. Which got me thinking about my own online identity. In the past I have had different username’s depending on what app or website I was logged onto. I lost track of them so I ended up doing the sensible thing.

It took me a while to settle for just the one name across various domains online. What is the point on different names I soon realised. So I thought of what name would be fitting for me.

So I came up with.. ScotsGamerGeek

Because I’m Scottish, a gamer and obviously a total geek.

This is why I use it as my Xbox live gamer tag (which I adopted after I decided I was fed up trying to fit in with Gamer clan’s and the bad habit of having to change your gamer tag to something clan friendly. ) I soon decided to use it online for everything I did so that people can identify me purely based on one username, which lead to me getting a username for the PlayStation network as well as Nintendo, I felt it was best to claim that name across the gaming networks as I don’t want anybody else using it.

I think it’s very important to just the one username these days considering how much we interact with others online, it’s better than using your own name.

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