Old console’s

I recently bought a Nintendo GameCube at a car boot sale and on my way home i got thinking about the console’s i have previously owned such as the Super Nintendo and the Sega Genesis.  I have owned a few including the Nintendo 64 and the Xbox.

I was quite surprised to find out there’s a new console out there called the Game  Freak which has the ability to play 12 different types of game cartridge, including  Nes cartridges, Gameboy cartridges, etc.

Apparently there’s a whole market out there of replacement console’s that will play old console’s games.    I also have a friend who fixes old games consoles. 

There’s a market for that too but I have heard that people are facing prosecution for doing this.  I prefer to play games on their original machines, playing on something else doesn’t feel right so if getting someone to fix it is available, that’s the route I’ll take otherwise I’ll buy one of these multiple platform machines. 

For someone to get into trouble for fixing a Super Nintendo or something similar doesn’t sit with me.  Why can’t games console manufacturers such as Nintendo simply provide replacement parts in the same way as other home appliances are?
I have a quick survey I would like help on, click here and answer a simple question about playing with original machines or using replacement console’s such as the Game Freak.

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