Nintendo already has a SNES mini

I’ve been reading online that the reason why the New classic edition was cancelled is because Nintendo is working on a SNES mini, which will be available at Christmas this year.  This news got me thinking as i know there’s already a SNES mini out there in Japan or more commonly known as the SNES Jr.

It’s a fully functioning SNES but in smaller housing.  The fact that there’s rumours going about that there will be something similar to the NES classic available this holiday season got me thinking.  
Why can’t Nintendo do something similar to what Sega has done and release something like this.

It’s a Megadrive or a Megadrive Mini per say, it has 80 built in games plus you can play original cartridges in it too.

It even accepts original controllers, so hopefully  Nintendo can do something similar with the SNES Jr which was released in America and Japan towards the end of the Super Nintendo’s 13 year lifespan.  

Surely they can bring back a machine that ceased production in 2003, add some built-in games and update it for modern TVs.  If Sega can do it, so should Nintendo.

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