The NES was my 1st console

There’s not many console’s that stir up feelings like the original Nintendo Entertainment System does for me. I remember getting it for my Christmas from my parents in the late 80’s and spending my day playing Super Mario Bros, eating sweeties and trying to avoid watching the queens speech.

Believe it or not I actually hated certain aspects of it, I hated the springy loading system with the cartridges, the whopping huge size of the cartridges themselves and the awkward handling I had of the controller itself.

Eventually I did get used to the controller. Before long I was swapping games with friends or simply borrowing some in some cases. Games like Super Mario Bros, the Legend of Zelda, Duck Tales and Super Mario Bros 3 ruled my teenage years.

I never got another console till the Super Nintendo arrived but I was tempted to get a Megadrive (Genesis) until I decided to wait for the SNES to arrive instead. The last few games I owned were great to play, especially Super Mario Bros 3.


The NES was clearly aimed at children, what with the advertising in American comic books, TV adverts & the peripherals it had such as the little robot & the light pistol for Duck Hunt. For a console aimed at kids it was equally popular with Adults.

Is it any wonder why the NES dominated the market in the 80’s.

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