My First Video Game

Back in the late 1970’s the very first video games machines started to arrive in people’s homes, one of which was the Atari 2600.  My parents had one and so did my aunty Helen, my very first memory of playing any form of video game was me playing Pac-man in front of what seemed like a very big television to 3 year old me.

I loved teasing the ghosts by waiting beside the pill and munching it just as they were getting close.  That strategy worked a treat as I could easily complete the level.

The thing that I remember the most is the joystick that came with the console.

It felt large and compersome, almost rigid at times but it was certainly rugged as well.  For a child that young it was probably natural to feel this way.  I had many fun times playing games on Atari’s console but none that has made the impact of Pac-man.

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