Mixer Vs Twitch

Streaming games is all the range these days and you have the choice of 2 apps to do exactly that on the Xbox one. So what are they?

Let me introduce the newist streaming app first.


Mixer is owned by Microsoft & was formerly known as Beam. It is built into the dashboard of your Xbox one & set in such a way that a gamer can easily set up an interactive stream. Yes, you read that right as interacting is a big part of Mixer.

Streaming using this app for a learner is really user friendly. I found myself streaming Dark Souls 2 in moments, for the interaction I would recommend you have a tablet or a phone with the Mixer app installed as I found myself chatting with my viewers. Because it is a Microsoft app it allows you to use the Kinect as a camera as part of your broadcast.

With this app you can also co-stream on your channel as well as keep video on demand copies of your streams so that visitors can watch what has been previously broadcast. There is also an app on Android and Apple phone where you can stream direct from your mobile.


Twitch was established in 2011 & is available on more than just the Xbox One, it is also available for the PlayStation 4. As it is a more established app for streaming I highly recommend it if you want to stream to a potentially larger audience.

Again streaming Dark Souls 2 was very easy but seemed much harder that Mixer makes it.

It supports most titles on the Xbox One, is easy to use and has features unique to it that Mixer doesn’t have such as integration with YouTube. If you want to start streaming ASAP I recommend Mixer but if you want to stream content to more people I recommend Twitch.

If you want to watch any future broadcast’s that I may have you can visit my Mixer Page. Don’t worry I will let you know in advance of any broadcasts.

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