Learning languages can be a bit tricky if you’re trying to do it by yourself or that is what I used to think prior to installing Memrise.

In the past I have tried using using tape/book combos which can work but it was always hard to tell if you were getting things right, thankfully apps like Memrise make life a lot easier but this app is really nice because it treats it like a game.

It gives you goals and gradually increases how much it wants you to learn, you also get tested on what you have learnt.

I’m currently learning Japanese because it is a language that has always fascinated me because it is radically different from languages we learn in schools in Europe such as French or Spanish.

So far I have learnt how to read common used words like yes or no and hello. If you want to learn a new language then you can not go wrong with Memrise. It’s available for Android and iOS, so good an app that it won an award on the Google play store.

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