Why I love being a gamer.

I have this t-shirt that has these 5 controller’s on it. 5 iconic items that reflects who I am as a gamer. The NES controller stirs up feelings of sitting in front of a TV with a wired controller in my hand. That whole sentence would probably stir up memories for people reading this post. This is what I love about gaming, no matter what you say about it, people can empathize with what you are writing about.

The other thing I like about gaming is how much it has changed since the 1980’s, graphics have improved so much since I started playing on my aunt’s Atari 2600.

I have played many games throughout the years but there is a few thay have had a memorable impact on my life. Pac-man is a prime example of one of these games.

My aunt sat me down and shoved a joystick in my hand and started up the game and I was off. Outrunning the ghosts and eating the powerpill’s was certainly a fun activity for a 4 yr old. It’s one of these games that spring to mind when I talk about games.

Recently on Twitter, people have been posting about 4 games that define them and it makes interested reading when you look at games that have had an impact on someone else’s life.

If I have to limit it to 4 games then these are my choices.

Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros was the reason why I got a NES, my first experience of the Nintendo console was at a friend’s house when I was growing up in the 80’s. I never experienced anything like it and Mario started a lifelong passion for gaming.

Street Fighter 2.

This game appeared in an arcade near my grandfather’s home when I was a teenager and I remember playing it for the first time at my mum’s a few years later. I had only 2 games at the time and after I had completed Super Mario World this became my game of choice for a while.


Halo is the reason why I am still playing games on my Xbox one and what a game the original Halo was on the Xbox when it arrived over 15 years ago. I actually bought my console off a friend because I got fed up with the family friendly titles that appeared on the Nintendo GameCube and I wanted something different.

I spent over a week playing it and so began my love/hate affair with the Halo universe.

Finally and most importantly..

Curse of Monkey Island.

I remember playing the first 2 Monkey Island games and I really enjoyed playing them but after having looked at the box artwork in my local games shop I started playing what I consider to my favourite game of all time.

The game plays like an interactive cartoon and the story focused on the fact that you turn your girlfriend Elaine into a solid gold statue, all thanks to a cursed ring from LeChuck who is the zombie/ghost pirate that the hero Guybrush Threepwood has to defeat in every game.

The games themselves are known for their puzzles and some are great, all are funny. From having to get a pirate crew together to getting a ship are all part of the game.

My fondest memory is of having to fake my own death as a means of obtaining a replacement ring.

This game is so good on so many levels.

I have went off track a bit about loving about being a gamer but being a gamer means that I have been all of these characters above and that’s the best bit about gaming, you can be whoever you want. People don’t judge you for being fat or how you look, you can be totally anonymous and submerge yourself in a character on screen.

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