Last Christmas

It was during the really unseasonably bad weather last year during the festive period that I finally decided to get back into blogging, but about what?

There was only one subject I felt comfortable blogging about & it was a no brainer when it came to choosing something to write about. Playing video games has been a big part of my life and blogging about them sounded like the way to go.

After discussing this with my wife n early January 2017, I set about choosing a name for my blog, something that was maybe uniquely Scottish in origin and something I could create a half decent logo for if I tried. We ended up with Puggy gaming. Creating a logo was going to be challenging or so I thought.

Using an app on my phone called Logopit plus, I was able to create a logo which incorporated a picture of 2 arcade cabinets with some stylish writing in front of it.

My next choice was whether to set up a free WordPress blog or pay for a domain name and a plan from WordPress. I chose to have a domain name and upgrade the customer plan to match the needs I felt the blog needed to look more professional.

Roll onto December this year and I’m now ready to take things to the next level and make this blog a lot better.

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