January editorial

Going self hosting was a big leap for me and this blog. After almost 2 years with a site on WordPress.com I decided that I could achieve more and make more interesting content if everything was moved to a new location.

Setting up the installation of WordPress was straight forward enough but transfering a backup proved more problematic than could be expected. Some of the information didn’t transfer over so it was time to mix things up a bit.

During the first few weeks in December I tried one or 2 themes to find a suitable look, plugins have added functionality where it was limited before.

So now that everything is all changed, I’m adding new features like quizzes and cool stuff I think might be of interest such as books and places in Scotland to visit (as a gamer or a geek). This feels like a whole new site.

Trying to stand out in the crowd in 2019 is one of my new years resolutions so hopefully I will manage that. Who knows what this year is going to bring.

On a leaving note I have decided to ask for donations to help grow my blog as I think it’s preferable to showering readers with banner advertising.

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