Hyperkin Supaboy S – console review

If you asked me what was Nintendo’s greatest console, I would reply “Super Nintendo”.  It was the first console i bought when I was about 17 so you can imagine my joy in finding something like Hyperkin’s Supaboy S.   To find out that there was a portable Super Nintendo available to buy really made my day.

The first thing you will notice is how it’s shaped,it feels comfortable in the hands, it is really easy to use.

The bottom of it has a headphone socket, a volume control and a brightness button whilst the top has a USB port for charging, a switch button that allows you to play PAL format cartridges as well as NTSC ones; A reset button, a on/off button and AV out socket.

Having an AV socket allows you to use it with a TV, thankfully there’s a cable in the box. Here’s mine set up in my bedroom, just like it would have been when I was a teenager.

The Supaboy S even has sockets for 2 controller’s on the front.   If you have some old Super Nintendo games lying around then you can’t go wrong with this as a replacement console.  It’s a superb piece of kit.

This Supaboy S was purchased from Amazon, but is also available from other websites such as Tom’s retro shack.

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