How to upload a custom gamer picture

You might have noticed that the feature image of this post is of a green master chief bust which i intend to use as a custom gamer pic on Xbox live, this is a new feature recently added; it is a straight forward process.

For you to upload your own gamer picture you can do in a few ways.

  • plug in a USB drive
  • upload directly to Onedrive

As long as the image is 1080px by 1080px in size & not a breach of Xbox live terms & conditions, you can upload anything.

So how do do this? It is quite simple, if you view your profile & select customise profile, you will find an option to pick a gamer pic.

2017-07-12 (3)

On the “choose your gamerpic” screen you will see a box in the top right corner marked “Upload a custom image”, this brings up a new screen where you can access a USB drive (if its plugged in) or you can view all your pictures on the OneDrive.

2017-07-12 (4)

You can also do this via the xbox one’s pictures app.

Once you have selected an image you can zoom in & out & move it about, then once you are happy to can then use that image. It only takes a moment or two to upload. You know have yourself a custom gamer pic.

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