How to making a mobile gaming video using Google’s YouTube Gaming app

Mobile gaming is taking off in a big way for the last few years, Pokemon go being a prime example of a hit mobile phone game.  But what if you (like me) want to share a video of yourself catching a Pikachu or having an epic gym battle?  Thankfully Google has come up with something to help you out on this with their YouTube Gaming app.

Here’s a quick quide to help.

Click on the up arrow with the lines above

Which brings up this screen, you can choose to stream or record and also the resolution as well.

Clicking next brings up

Clicking next again shows which game or app you want to record.

This is the slightly complicated part, how to use the screen whilst you record some clip. The top menu has 5 buttons as you can see, the 1st one toggles between live video or a profile photo in the bottom circle at the left of the screen, followed by a microphone on/off button which is self-explanatory, a stop/start in the middle of the menu followed by a pause button then a settings button.  Just underneath shows how many minutes you can record for and a duration timer.

Once you have recorded a video you get to upload it straight away, notice how it has filled out some of the details already.