How to make a gaming podcast

I created my first podcast via an app  called Anchor which apparently went through a bit of a change recently.   The Anchor podcasting app is available on iTunes & Google play,  it’s very good as well as easy to use.  Using your phones microphone you can record what you want to say or you can use a pair of earphones with a built in mic like i did.

What the app does is create sections of a broadcast that you can position according to how you want your podcast to sound.  you can also include music like i did from Spotify.

So I have this app all ready to go for creating parts of a podcast on the go but if you go to the website you can upload recorded MP3’s which will give a better sound, this is something I’m planning on doing.

Now what about games news?  I have been getting all mines via Gamespress, i usually find that I get the gaming news quicker than say from a magazine & this is why I have decided to incorporate a podcast into this blog.



All i really need now is some audio recording software, a decent pair of headphones and a Microphone.  if there is anything you suggest I should include in the future or you want a shout out then get in contact.

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