Happy 10th Anniversary Halo 3

Ten years ago today, Microsoft & Bungie launched the 3rd in the Halo games series, a game that had a big impact in my life.  To be honest, It was part of the reason why I purchased the Xbox 360 in the first place.    As I mentioned in a previous post, it’s impact has been significant.   I made friends playing this online like no other game.



It’s campaign can be played solo as or with up to 3 other players & I remember it quite fondly at the time.   Halo 3 was the first to include Forge which is a map & game type editor which meant people like me to create & play custom game types. Game types like Rocket Race, King of the Hill & other custom games.  I lost count of how many of these I actually played.  you see Halo 3 wasn’t simply a game to me,  it was a form of stress relief from working in the real world.


Going Online & becoming someone else was (& sometimes still is) a form of escapism I developed.   The fact I could join others online & have some fun soon became a great way of doing this, whilst I have played other multiplayer games it was Halo 3 that started this trend.  Thanks to this game I have made friends that have spilled out into real life too & it all started early one September morning.



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