Going Digital

It’s been a long time coming but I’m starting to move away from physical copies of games to digital copies, when you think of it, soon it makes perfect sense.

Look what happened to my music collection.

When I was young I had a record or 2 but I think I was too young to appreciate the sound that you get from vinyl so I moved onto cd’s and I have ended up with a lot of music CDs taking up space.

I have not really bought a lot of music on CD in the last few years due to me having an iPod and an account with iTunes so I’m planning on sticking it all my collection onto an iPod and keeping a few disc’s for use in the car. Bad news is.. You can’t really sell on CD’s these days as you don’t get much for physical copies of stuff unless it’s really old and the same is starting to happen with game’s.

I see copies of games I have spent money on years ago selling for a few quid in shop’s like CEX and Game, thanks to backwards compatibility program some of these games are still playable on my Xbox one but the way forward seems to be digital, the same way as it is with the music industry.

Digital is clearly the way forward as you only need space to store games on a harddrive as opposed to having space on shelf’s for your collection.

I’m still going to buy retro games cartridges and discs like this game Spyhunter.

But I’ll be buying less and less Xbox one games as a disc.

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