A Gamer’s Bucket List

Managing a blog usually includes creating original content & finding inspiration to write something worthwhile & that’s how my bucket list came to be. Now it’s not in any particular order but it is a list of things I’d like to be able to do if I was dying and money was no object or if I was to win millions on lottery.


You have to admit as a gamer, Japan has to be somewhere that you have to visit, there’s so much cool stuff that you could do there like visit Super Mario World

a theme park inspired by Nintendo or maybe visit the Tokyo Game show.

Break a gaming record

I have written about this before but I reckon breaking or setting a gaming record would be awesome. With money to spare you could really go for something BIG.

Make an epic gaming video.

Gaming videos are all the range on YouTube, even I have attempted one myself but I reckon a really good one would have to be uploaded.

LAN party

Believe it or not I have never been to a LAN party, call myself a gamer but never taken part in one due to playing online via Xbox live. Someone sent me a link all about them the other day hence why I’m now interested. Sitting in a room with console’s connected together could be a cool experience.


I have heard there’s some cool gaming Kickstarter projects out there looking for support from people like me. This one below has inspired me to include a cool Kickstarter page, it is the Hitbit.

The Hitbit is something really special

Here’s what the manufacturer has to say.

Retrogaming is a new trend in the game industry, and many adults who used to be gamer kids in the 80’s are out there today waiting for a new old-school game machine in their living rooms.

Playing retro games was easy and simple in comparison to the contemporary video games with their advanced technologies and over-complexities.

While those new video games keep attracting many people today, there is also some people who appreciate simplicity and “classiness” of the retro games like still many people today prefer music such as The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan.

That is why we decided to give retrogaming a new look with quality material and modern design, yet maintaining its vintage feel.

And we powered it up with the newest hardware and wireless capabilities: HDMI, bluetooth, wi-fi and 2400 MIPS CPU.

All of them with hassle-free configuration and thousands of games available in single/multi-player mode. It also integrates with modern wireless joypads.

Sounds awesome doesn’t it.

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