Daddy first, Gamer second

Before I settled down and became a dad to 2 little girls, I was really into my gaming; Friday night’s I spent online playing games like Halo 3 and that sort of thing but now that I’m now called daddy all the time by a 2 yr old toddler I have to admit that my gaming habits are changing.  I’m moving away from games like Call of Duty & learning toward games like Lego dimensions.

The older my children get, the more I want to play video games with them.  However I don’t just want to play video games with them, I want them to play outside like I did.

Whilst gaming is very important to me, a varied life of fun is equally important for my kids to have.  I’ve come to the conclusion that too many kids spend too much time in front of a t.v playing games.  I don’t want this.  I want to see kids playing outside, I want mines to have fun on the beach or out on a bike.

I intend to keep gaming for rainy days when the weather is too horrible to go outside, I want gaming to be seen like any other toy rather than the only toy it seems like to some kids.