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Is retro gaming better?

With Sony copying Nintendo and bringing out a mini first generation PlayStation, I find myself asking “is Retro gaming better?” The reason for this is simple, I’m thinking of the ideal game for my wife’s Christmas so she has something to play on her Nintendo 3DS but I am having to choose as there is a lot of really great… Read more →

8 bit fun with Pixelbricks

A few years ago, my sister got me something called pixelbricks for my Christmas. They are 3/8 of an inch little plastic blocks that you can build with. You can slide them together, stack them or a mixture of both. These little blocks work really well for building some 8 bit recreations of iconic characters and items from video games.… Read more →

Spy Hunter

You won’t believe the impact of playing one arcade cabinet has had on my life. I can’t remember exactly how much it cost me to play in pocket money but I do remember asking for more just to continue playing Spy Hunter the first time I played it. It was the first time that I used a steering wheel and… Read more →

My First Video Game

Back in the late 1970’s the very first video games machines started to arrive in people’s homes, one of which was the Atari 2600.  My parents had one and so did my aunty Helen, my very first memory of playing any form of video game was me playing Pac-man in front of what seemed like a very big television to… Read more →

Super Mario All Stars

Super Mario All Stars is superb compilation of Super Mario games, specially developed for the Super Nintendo.  It is also one of my favourite games compilations. Released back in 1993 the game has remaked of all four Super Mario games released for the NES. These consisted of Super Mario Bros., (pictured above). Super Mario Bros. 2. Super Mario Bros 3, which is a… Read more →

Super Mario World

This game brings back a lot of good memories and that’s why I ended up buying a copy early last year. There is not a lot of games that I have grown up with that I want my kids to play but Super Mario World is one of them.  The game itself was a launch title for the Super Nintendo… Read more →

Define Retro

How would I define “Retro” when it comes to gaming. This is Retro gaming on the go. So is this.. So are these, they are all what I define as “Retro”.. I consider anything older than a PlayStation 3 or an Xbox 360 to be “Retro”.  Even one of these recreated ZX Spectrum’s I got for my wife’s Christmas. Don’t… Read more →

The world’s worst game

Can you imagine it, it’s Christmas and your parents buy you a game so darn bad that the manufacturer ends up burying it in the ground with thousands of returned and unsold copies? This actually happened with Atari’s E.T The Extra Terrestrial for their 2600 console. I didn’t believe it at first either but it’s real. You can find out… Read more →

Recreated ZX Spectrum

If you are a child of the late 70’s/ early 80’s then should already know about the ZX Spectrum. For a lot of people it was their first foray into the world of gaming wither it be simply playing the games like Dizzy or Chuckie Egg, maybe it was the first computer used to program stuff. I used to have… Read more →